A sense of belonging: my first 3 months in the School of Health and Social Care

I joined the School of Health and Social Care, at the University of Lincoln, in April 2017.  Before that I was a Student at the University. My first degree is in Criminology and I have an MA in Globalising Justice. My PhD, in Social Policy, explored multiple representations and experiences surrounding the village pub.  On completion of my PhD, I had the opportunity to work on a number of different research projects within the different Colleges and Schools at the University.

It’s fair to say that I became a team member of Health and Social Care at an exciting time in the School’s history.  Two months after I started, the School moved from Bridge House and the Think Tank, to the new Sarah Swift building. Now the whole School has been brought together under one roof.  Exciting, to say the least.  It’s a lovely new building and provides the opportunity to build new networks and strengthen existing ones. Everyone is settling in and I feel at home in my new office, which I am sharing with like-minded research colleagues. It’s great to share an office and be able to bounce ideas off each other, whilst enjoying a coffee, or in my case, tea!

Although I was not new to the University of Lincoln, I was new to the School of Health and Social Care. I did feel a little nervous when I first started but I didn’t need too. From my very first day, I have felt welcomed and supported by the whole School and especially by Mo and the Head of School, Nigel. I feel very privileged to be part of such a great School and look forward to engaging with the varied aspects of the School in the coming months and years.