About us


The Healthy Ageing Research Group (HARG) is a research group for the School of Health and Social Care, situated in the College of Social Science at the University of Lincoln and allied with the Lincoln International Institute for Rural Health (LIIRH) and the Health Advancement Research Team (HART). The centre is directed by Professor Mo Ray.

What are we doing?

We are interested in research which focuses on ageing and the life course.  Areas of interest include:  experiences of ageing;  ‘healthy ageing’; preventative and early intervention strategies on older adult’s quality of life through improved community and statutory provisions, including integration.

Why is it important?

Population ageing and increased life expectancy creates opportunities and challenges.  Research can contribute to developing strategies which maximise the benefits of an ageing society as well as considering strategies to address the challenges.

How are we different?

We encourage interdisciplinary research with academics from all schools within the College of Social Sciences, School of Sport and Exercise Science, Social Policy, Health and Social Care, Psychology, Business and Education. Additionally we work with other partners from the statutory, voluntary and independent sectors.

Our aims: 

  • To conduct research to develop our understanding of experiences of ageing and old age;
  • Develop critical understanding of the notion of healthy and active ageing
  • Explore how older people’s quality of life and well-being can be improved
  • Examine the performance and functioning of preventative and early intervention health and social care structures, practices, procedures and delivery, with a particular emphasis on promoting quality, efficiency and equity;
  • Fully involve older citizens and other partners in the research process
  • To build pathways to impact into all of our research
  • To develop a sustainable research infrastructure and environment.