HARG Seminar Series #2 Dr Phoebe Beedell and David Gaskill -Tuesday 6th October 2020 12-1pm ‘Co-production and added value in research with older people’


Please see below information regarding the first presentation in our HARG Seminar Series.

If you would like to attend this seminar or have any further questions about the series please contact HARG at harg@lincoln.ac.uk where you will receive a secure MS Teams invitation.

“Our research seeks to understand the pressures, dilemmas and practical difficulties experienced by older people who have to organise and pay for their own care services. The three-year study, Ethical issues in Self-funded Care, supported by the Welcome Trust is a collaboration between the universities of Lincoln, Brighton and Birmingham.

The research is taking an innovative approach by working closely with groups of older people in each site throughout the project. The input of these co-researchers extends beyond their involvement in field work and data gathering –  arguably the most common aspect of research available to lay participants. Instead, Co-researchers in Brighton were instrumental in conceptualising the research and in Lincolnshire in addition to the fieldwork, Co-researchers undertook the development and application of coding schemes and completed much of the initial thematic analysis as well as attempting more complex narrative analyses. This experience has been both exciting and enriching for individuals in the group. As the project reaches its conclusion, the Co-researchers have enthusiastically taken up the latest challenges of online dissemination.

A further innovation was having an independent evaluation of the participatory aspects of the research embedded in the project from the start. The three site-based groups of co-researchers and academics have been encouraged to reflect on their experiences of the research and this presentation will focus on the added value that the Co-researchers participation has brought to the project and considers some of the obstacles and limitations that we experienced as a research team”.